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Lou Nelson Promotions: LNPM INFO

CEO / Music Promoter/Producer

WELCOME TO LOU NELSON PROMOTIONS & MGMT. (LNPM) Lou Nelson (CEO) LNPM has been promoting Past, Present and Future music artist since 1995, out of Austin, Texas.

We started our business with the idea of giving the New Upcoming artist a chance to get their feet into the Music Industry. We've promoted past artist and present artist along the way, as they have come to understand that we are here to help them achieve their next level in the music world today. In our work we promote to venues, festivals, dancehalls, shows, rodeo, county and country fairs, as we are always working alongside booking agents and other promoters and beyond. We send materials to Radio, TV, Film, Internet. We make phone calls and send press releases via the internet and mail to industry professionals. We help the artist with making their Press Kits or Promotions Kits that will be used to get them seen and heard, through distribution. We offer Guidence, Consultation and Artist Developement. We take our business very serious and if you'd like to be part of a great promotions company, it is necessary that you be just as serious about your music and career. We require 110% of your time and effort to help yourself in the business. If you are willing to work with us, we can help you achieve the desires and goals of making this your livelihood. Many artist have passed through our doors and when they depart with a good track record, we will always recommend and promote them by word of mouth, always mentioning to Industry professionals to watch for your music and performances around town. Some of the passed and present artist we promote are entertainers such as: Patty David (Austin,Tx), Tracey K. Houston (Nashville,Tn), Mary Rowan (Ontario,Ca), Jena Kidd, (Mesquite, Tx), Carmen, (Glendale,Az) Laura Bellomy, (Houston,Tx), Jon Russell Carroll, (Bryan,Tx), Haydn Vitera, (Austin,Tx), Romeo & Lockwood, (Brentwood,NY), Patty & Misty Mountain Band, (Blanche,NC), Cowboy Outlaw, (Danville,Va) Troy Cook Jr., (Beebe, Ar), Foxx, (Louisville,Ky), Ernie Ashworth, (Hendersen, Tn), Hart & Soul, (Eugene,Or), Reg Benoit, (Ontario,CA), The Butterfields, (Tulsa,Ok) Libbi Bosworth, (Austin,Tx), Next of Kin, (Austin,Tx), Avenue Z, (Austin,Tx) Rusty Weir, (Austin,Tx)... Phoebe Marie (Laredo, Tx Latina) Gene Arnold (SanAntonio, Tx) Robin Fitch (Conroe, Tx) Behind the scenes we've worked with Willie Nelsons crew, Johnny Rodriguez stage, Freddy Fenders stage, Hank Thompson and even with Rupert Ortiz's, Mariachi's Estrella's and Tony Guerro. Recently we have worked with JAMBOREE ON THE MOUNTAIN, Monteagle, TN...with Col.Buster Doss, Ernie Ashworth, Tommy Cash, Billy Walker, Mayf Nutter and too many to mention. We would like to welcome our newest additions to the group and they are: Jeff Buckles (St.Joseph, MO) Sandra Lee Burdick (North Carolina), Todd Tally ( New York), Liz Talley (Houston, Tx), Janice Cowen (Rockdale, Tx) Wesley Ialacy (Conroe, Tx) Julie Smith (Rockdale, Tx), Dave Jorgenson (Kyle,Tx) and still more to come... With Songwriters: Charlie Craig, Col.Buster Doss, Rhonnie Scheuerman, Bob Towry, Shelly Anglin, Dell Dillion, Patty Slaughter, Shirley Sheppard, Juanita Ford, Susan Shane and Crystal Lynn Collins and more.... LNPM is willing to help anyone willing to help themselves through the rough times of this music industry..if you want it bad enough, we'll be talking to you soon. Contact: Rose Mesa, (Director) at 512-971-2352 or Lou Nelson, (CEO) at 512-971-2350 or or, Texas Music Industry Directory, Governor's Office, Austin, Tx AWARDS: Judges Award, (True-Value 1998-99) Promotions Company of The Year, (LSSCMA 2000) Achievement Award, (Airply Inter'l ) Artist Promoter of The Year, (CMOA, Las Vegas 2001) Promotions Company Of The Year, (CMOA-L.V. 2001) Pioneer Award, (LSSCMA-2002) Achievement Award, (TCMA- Nashville,Tn 2002) Pioneer Award, (TCMA-Nashville,Tn 2003) Lou Nelson, inducted into the LSSCMA's Hall of Fame 2003. TCMA SILVER ELITE AWARD 2004 Associations: Tennessee Country Music Alliance (Board of Directors), CMA of Texas, (Member), Lone Star State CMA, (Board of Directors), Florida State CMA,(Member), Country Music Organizations of America,(Member) Fort Worth Songwriters Association, (Advisory Board)

Lou Nelson Promotions



The historic Old Silver Spur Dance Hall ruins once hosted the best country bands and Big Bands during the 40s and 50s.  Views from the ruins of the Medina River and the City of Bandera are memorable.  Rock cottages on the grounds provide for a trip to the past and tranquility atop the hill. 


Bed linens, Towels and Kitchen Utensils Provided

  • Queen bed  
  • Kitchenette
  • Small refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Coffeepot
  • Bath with tub & shower
  • No television or telephone
Honeymoon Cabin 
  • Queen Bed in Master Bedroom 
  • Jacuzzi tub
  • Large walk-in-shower 
  • Full Kitchen
  • Large Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Coffeepot
  • Sitting Room
  • Small Dinette
  • Kitchen Bar Area
  • Cable T.V.


  • Walk to river
  • Close to Bandera restaurants and shopping
  • Monitor with movies
  • BBQ grill




Rates & Details

  • Cottage: double occupancy,
    Two night minimum
  • Honeymoon Cabin: double occupancy,
    Two night minimum
  • 15% occupancy tax
  • Children welcome
  • No smoking permitted
  • No pets

                                                   Our Services

The Old Silver Spur Dance Hall grounds are the perfect setting for Family Reunions, Photo Shoots, a Weekend Get Away, Weddings (on location or just Wedding Planning by Nita Jenkins), Birthday/Graduation Parties, Quinceanera's.  Also grounds for great Concerts, Theatre Groups,     Dinner Shows, Open Door Meetings, and a wonderful place for a Picnic with a scenic view of beautiful Bandera.

Family Reunions – Families can use the cottages for the featured guests, the grounds for parking, and the ruins for dinner set up or entertainment.

Photo Shoots – There are fabulous views that capture the country side.

Weekend Get Away – Intimate cabins provide for a peaceful yet inviting atmosphere.  They are just far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and close enough to enjoy the Bandera events.

Weddings – Wedding planning is available as part of the wedding package.  If the planning is done and all you need is a location, we can accommodate you.

Birthdays/Graduations - Celebrate that someone's special birthday or take a walk down memory lane with your childs graduation party.

Quinceanera - Celebrate that young girl and recognizes her journey from childhood to maturity. We encourage the families to select the customs that have special meaning to them. That is what makes the celebration unique and very special.

Concerts - Perfect place for entertainment, dinner shows, musicians/bands in the setting where legendary singers/songwriters have entertained for years. Such as Willie Nelson, Ernest Tubb, Bob Wills and Texas' own Diamond Duo.                                                                                                        IMG_1210_resized.JPG

For information, and appointment or pricing, schedule, please contact Lou Nelson Mgmt. at 512-971-2350 or